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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cool Campus: Lesser is better

College life is not just about chilling out and having fun. From time to time it gets hectic and boring. Same old lectures, day long classes, evening tuitions- all these for six consecutive days and only one Sunday to relax and unwind…Seems quite unfair?

Indeed it is. And if the students are to be believed this is the main reason behind their bunking classes and struggling for attendance.Not very long ago, a college in the US shifted to four working days in a week, and the changes were there for all to see. Regular students, agile staff members and more efficient faculty have upgraded the university in terms of academic performance, management and financial savings. Inspired by such improvements, other universities in the US have also decided to adopt this system. Now the question is do we too need the same kind of system to achieve the desired results? Exhausted with the hectic schedule, students, however, feel the need to welcome such a change, which they think will bolster their interest in studies and college activities. "Generally we have two classes in a day, sometimes even one, which spoils whole day. Multiplying classes in a day and dividing days in a week will take best out of us as students," says Tanpreet Sandhu, a 3rd year student of BBA in Skyline Business School.Zaid Ahmad, a 2nd year student of Bachelor of International Business and Finance, Jamia Milia Islamia is all praises for this innovative system. "Four days of serious study is enough. Too much of burden, sometimes, retards our academic growth. Three days off in a week will be fine for self-study, recreational activities and to rejuvenate ourselves for the coming week," says Zaid.Even the staff members who constitute an important part of the college, also seem happy about the new concept. Satya Dev Rai, care taker, Kamla Nehru College, says, "It will be great if more personal space is granted to us, which, in a way, is going to enhance efficiency for work." So now it’s quite evident that not just students, both teaching and non teaching staff will be equally happy if the number of working days gets reduced. But the million dollar question is, will DU be convinced?


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