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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Foodie Delhi

The words Delhiite and foodie are practically synonymous. This is a city where new restaurants sprout like mushrooms, where you can get a taste of American burgers in your neighbourhood market or have Malaysian mee goreng delivered home, where you can dine in splendour splurging tens of thousands on an unforgettable experience or whip out several ten-rupee notes for a quick, roadside parantha.As much as we love our food, we don’t seem to know how to eat well.

Over the years, as we hurtle toward modernity, India and its metros have become hubs for a host of lifestyle-related problems such as heart disease and diabetes.
And a large part of the problem lies with how we eat. Delhi starts the day healthy, with less snacks for breakfast and tops in fruit, juice and buttermilk consumption. Unfortunately, it tops in tea and coffee, too.The platter gets less healthy as the day progresses, with tea, predinner snacks filling up stomachs. Post-dinner, it’s the only city to consume laddu, ice-cream or milk.Like any other metro, this city finds itself in a bind—at easy access is every kind of food item imaginable, yet consuming them is sending us on an irreparable trail of ill-health and damage. So, what’s the answer? Eat right. Eat correctly now, so you won’t regret it later.


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