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Thursday, October 23, 2008

MCD Mega Project

Getting stuck in excruciating frequent traffic jams while driving down the GT Road will soon be a thing of the past as MCD has taken up a huge project to make this junk stretch one of the swankiest Delhi has ever seen. GT Road, a 7.5 km-long road running between the eastern fringe of old Yamuna Bridge and Apsara border connecting UP and Delhi, is soon going to undergo an expensive makeover. This makeover promises to unclog this nasty arterial connection Delhi has with its eastern neighbour. This six-lane (at certain points) stretch will soon be converted into an 8-lane one flanking around 45 meters sidewise. The entire cost, a whopping Rs 30.33 crore, of this long-awaited comprehensive project will be borne by MCD under its budgetary provision under Audit LA Road. “Apart from facing the huge pressure of traffic, the area has witnessed a rapid growth along this road in the recent past. This has led to the growth of highly populated upscale residential blocks in the region. Besides in any case this area is also one of the oldest routes used by people commuting between ISBT and Seemapuri end,” said Divya Jaisawal, deputy mayor of Delhi while elaborating on the salient features of this mega project. She assured that the work will start soon. MCD has already sanctioned funds for this project. Apart from a separate cycle track and service lane, this road will have everything its cousins have in the west. Lieutenant Governor has already given his approval so work will start soon, deputy mayour assured.


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