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Friday, October 24, 2008

Shoppers’ paradise, resident's hell

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with Mukherjee Nagar. The sight is reassuring: Outstation students being caught up in the mood of the evening as they take a stroll along the main road near Batra cinema.

Then there are the ATMs and a couple of huge commercial complexes not to mention shops on the main road. The bustling Mukherjee Nagar is a happening place these days.But there is more to Mukherjee Nagar than meets the eye. Its glittering façade hides an ugly reality. The area now faces similar problems which are faced by other colonies with mixed land use. Commercial activities in a residential area can spell disaster if things are carried to ridiculous extremes. These days, the area looks more of a commercial hub than a residential one. Roads remain congested round the clock. Thelawallas have become a law unto themselves as they can be seen selling eatables anywhere and everywhere without much concern for others’ convenience. The construction of the stretch along the Batra cinema coupled with constant flow of traffic has made commuting a veritable nightmare. If that was not enough, people park their vehicles on the road itself which leads to traffic jam.Residents feel that there should be a proper authorised parking near this market to cope with growing congestion. "It is becoming almost impossible these days for us to live in this congested and polluted area. All these commercial activities are making our lives a living hell," said Ritesh Bhateja, a resident of the area. "What is the purpose of so much commercial activities when our peaceful lives are being disturbed by noise and air pollution," comments another resident on condition of anonymity. The shopkeepers, however, are happy at the growing clientele. Says a shopkeeper, "Business activities have got a shot in the arm in recent times in Mukherjee Nagar thanks to the growing popularity of the area. However, noise pollution is too much.’’ As Mukherjee Nagar remains a shoppers’ paradise, for the residents life has become quite a hell.


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