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Monday, October 20, 2008

That silent night (FLASHBACK V)

It was raining like cats and dogs since evening . Sound of rain drops, hitting the roofs and ground won’t allow us to sleep or study. It seemed rain would engulf everything, it was tea time at 1; 00 a.m., me, Deepak and rohit were sitting together and drinking teas room was completely choked with cigarette smoke. We sat and talked as ghazals kept on playing one after the other.
“Its getting cooler because of rain” Rohit said puffing his cigarette in jaat style.
“Yes”- Deepak said turning on his assignment papers.
“Our lungs will be like burnt papers, the moment we will touch it will “fooo”- Rohit said
“Pandey jee reduce smoking no one will marry ash tray” Deepak said jokingly.
“Say something, why are you silent”- rohit said d putting his hand over my shoulder.
“Can you hear something”- I said to Deepak going near to window and opening it.
“Someone crying “as he too walked near the window
“Is it manoj?” I asked
“May be” Deepak said.
We went outside to Manoj room, knocked it, manoj opened it, and he was in tears.
“What happened” r u ok” I said
“Yes” manoj said wiping his tears
“Why r u crying?” Deepak asked
“Nothing just like that” Manoj replied
“Everything well at home” Rohit asked
“yes” Manoj answered as his voice choked
“Then what happened?” Deepak asked
“missing manoj?” I asked
“Yes” manoj said as he bursted into tears.
Rohit hugged him and we tried to console him. Manoj was finding it very hard to forget Manish as both were from same branch and had a very good family relationship and form same place hardoi in UP. So manoj missed him the most , we were still trying to came out of the shock , we were trying our level best, Slowly time will heal everything as papa says. “Time is the best healer” Thinking about Manish’s family always put me in very sad frame of mind. Life his miserable and his family must be in complete shock as his mother fainted that day. he was the only son and his sister was very sad and his sister was speechless don’t think they would ever come out of it. It’s literally impossible, his father was like his best friend and was in complete shock and was finding it very hard to digest the fact what happened to him. Manish is still alive will remain so in our heart and mind. May god help his family to come out of this deep grief? Let the god’s mercy prevail.


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