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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beg to Differ

Begging is a bane for the society. Strict implementation of existing laws is what is required to deal with this menace. So believe South Delhiites
Though Delhi government has banned begging and selling of goods at traffic signals, it continues unabated. What do you think could be the solution to this problem? Educate and train these beggarsBeggars who beg at traffic signals and selling goods cannot be stopped through law. These people or children should be given basic education and training in small industries like handicrafts etc so that they can earn in order make their life easy. These people will not earn their livelihood easily, but they will help the development of handicrafts industries for the country. It may be added that public should cooperate with Delhi government so that these beggars don’t get money from public and anything from them.Supriya Sharma, C R ParkVocational training institutes the only alternativeOne must realise that begging and selling of goods at the traffic signal is due to necessity and once the aam janta gets food, clothes and shelter, they will no longer do it. The government must set up vocational training institutes and train then for free. In furtherance, in every locality, a particular area should be allotted for them to do business. All corporate, business organisations must be asked to support the initiative as Corporate Social Responsibility is the only way to eradicate the menace from the society. Along with NGOs, institutes and companies, all individuals must also pitch in with the government and empower them at the same time. As they say ’Don’t blame the darkness, light a candle if u can’.Geeta, South DelhiStrict implementation requiredThe government lays down a number of impressive rules and regulations, banning activities like begging and selling goods at traffic signals. But that’s about it. Nothing has changed and these activities continue. The problem is in the enforcement part. After all, the success of any such law depends on how strictly the rules are implemented and the defaulters punished. Passing laws is the easiest part. We need to get to the main stage of seeing to it that these are actually made to work.


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