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Monday, November 24, 2008


With the advent of new technologies such as fingerprint recognition and iris recognition in the field of access control, it is imperative that several applications and possibilities open up.The Biometric Attendance System has marked its presence in legislative bodies in various parts of India, albeit with the characteristic knee-jerk resistance from members, as has always been the case, whenever new technology is being ushered in to replace existing systems.While western countries have already adopted these technologies and moved forward, our politicians expressed apprehensions about the `angootha chhaap' label that would bring them disrepute as being illiterate.The fingerprint technology is based on the fact that every individual possesses a unique fingerprint impression, which was the basis of recording the thumb impression of illiterates for decades. With old age, there is an inherent risk of not being able to sign as per the specimen card recorded in banks, unlike the fingerprint impressions, which can continue to provide reliable signatures of a person. With some innovation, product development and imagination, this technology could be used to control the trigger-happy tendencies of agitated citizens. is commonly observed that persons engaged in security services are required to carry guns and rifles to counter the ever-increasing threats from terrorists and petty criminals alike.
The mere professional necessity to be in possession of such arms could render such professionals vulnerable to forcible access to their own weapons by unlawful elements in society, if overpowered.
Several instances of children carrying their parent's firearm to school without their knowledge are being reported, particularly in countries like the US.
Though a firearm is meant for protecting oneself, it ends up being a threat by itself. If fingerprint access control were possible in the activation of the triggering mechanism, would it not be a safer gun?

If only `pre-approved fingerprints' could activate the trigger, one could prevent so many killings in schools, besides ensuring that the official entrusted with our protection is also protected from the elements who could aim his gun back at him.
Moreover, such a device fitted on the trigger would also reveal much sought after evidence on who pulled the trigger in the several `whodunit' cases that baffle investigators. Just an idea, but will mankind bite the bullet?

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