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Friday, November 14, 2008

Boss for the toss

Ask any right-thinking professional, and the wrong in his life could just be the boss. Your boss is the matter with you or for that matter, with
many others. Strangely, even when she is just right, you're left feeling quite wrong. As for the kinds of women-on-top making your life difficult, well, variety is the spice of life. There is the all too common me-boss-you-not with all the glee attached. Then there is usual monitoring boss, the mentoring boss, the monster boss, the mayhem-creating-and-loving-it boss.
There is also the not too common must-get-the-best-out-of-you-at-all-costs variety boss. The rarer specimen is the me-want-you boss. A research expert being interviewed for the research and development section of a multinational corporation was a rather too selfless sort. So keen were the bosses to keep him there, his house and other perks came with the job. As for his car, the conversation went thus: "Maybe you'd like a car," with the scientist profusely and shyly turning down the offer with a hasty, "No, no." "Maybe your wife would like a car," the employers persisted, all in good faith, only to be met with a rather portentous and almost petulant, "The wife does not drive and will not drive." The burden of expectations at office and those likely to build at home have proved to be the breaking point for many. The me-want-you boss may sometimes have intonations of various wants, quite unrelated to work. Such were the overtures of the boss towards an employee in a BPO. She left in a huff of me-no-do-your-job, Sir. The extremely rare variety would be the me-care-for-you boss, one who genuinely shows concern. He knows you well enough, but most importantly he knows himself. And his quiet confidence is unnerving to say the least. He'll willingly go that extra mile to accommodate your specific requirements, adjusting to match even your children's schedules to your work ones. And believe me, he is the worst. Because no devil-may-care attitude works here. No holier-than-thou intent either. And there is no freedom from guilt in shirking. He's the worst, because he's got the best out of you. He's the one person you're not going to let down, no not in a long time. Now boss-ever is the matter with you, Sir?


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