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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chandrayaan project an investment for future

Rejecting criticism over high costs for the Chandrayaan-I project, former ISRO Chairman K Kasturirangan said it was a good investment for the future. "With the population explosion, the demand for land, a scarce material, will go up in future. We have to look for other sources for this. Chandrayaan-I is to look for water availability on the Moon so that human settlements can be created," he told an international seminar on space applications. He said the Moon's environment was almost similar to that of the Earth and human habitations would become a "real possibility in the future." The success of Chandrayaan-I has enthused the country's young scientists. He said with water and land becoming scarce materials, space technology should be applied for enhancing productivity of agricultural sector. Space could provide timely information on weather, global warming, environment and ecological system. This information would go a long way in helping the farmers and tackle the issue of food security.He said space was the place for future generations to stay and cost effective transport system should be developed. Resources should be mopped up for this purpose, he said, adding priority should be accorded for this.Private educational institutions, like the Satyabama University, which co-sponsored the seminar along with the ISRO, should do their mite for encouraging research in space.
Chancellor Jeppiyar said the university would soon create a space research cell, with the ISRO's collaboration. He sought Kasturirangan's help in developing the centre as one of excellence.Over 180 papers were presented at the three-day seminar which concluded on saturday


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