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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cricket-a unifying force

India, a kaleidoscope of multiple contrasts, has various unifying factors to its credit. Cricket, no doubt, finds a prominent place in the list. The game is worshipped by Indians and is almost like a religion. Instead of whining that cricket finds precedence over other sports in India, it is time to appreciate its amazing power in acting as a unifying force, bringing people from differnet parts of the country together.India, no doubt, is going through difficult times. During this period of sectarian violence, terrorism, caste-based politics, cricket comes as a manna from heaven for us. Cricket makes us forget everything that divides us while reinforcing Indianness to the core.It is India that matters and nothing else when Sachin’s willow speaks or Irfan comes out with a brilliant spell. The aura of cricket is spread across different countries, continents and cultures that binds them together. India comes to a stop when a cricket match is being played. Cricket takes over almost everything.Three cheers to this great gentlemen’s game!


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