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Monday, November 17, 2008

Delhi Uni(versi)ty

While North Campus is abuzz with life and academic hulchul, the foreign students in the campus shared their views about the same .Talking of North Campus and not discussing about international students would be an aberration. Foreign hands are definitely playing a role in the campus in transcending the geographical and cultural barriers between the East and the West. Even Rudyard Kipling has been proved wrong who once, in a moment of short-sightedness, averred that "East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.’’ grabbed a rare opportunity to bring to the fore the perfect amalgamation of diverse cultures in North Campus through a bunch of students selected on board to project the vivid culture in North Campus. Initially, it took them a little while to open up and share their personal experiences but then gradually they poured their hearts out and pulled no punches while talking about the various aspects of North Campus. Starting from Priyangwada who talked about how North Delhiites helped her to recover from deadly brain haemorrhage to Faaiz’s critical remarks about the omnipresent potholes in the campus, they discussed it all. While Thomas preferred to hold forth on students exchange programme, Sam dwelt at length on how lack of reliable public transport knocks the stuffing out of night life. It would be fun to read the diverse views of Moelelwa and Gatien about the safety concerns in the campus. So, it’s time to read about the candid views of these students and to understand the same old campus from global perspective.


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