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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cyanide Addiction

Cyanide: Leaving It All Behind
The original lineup of Cyanide was formed during school days back in 2001 which consisted of Dhaval Mudgal (Half Step Down) on Vocals, Rohan Solomon on Guitars, Bharat Bindal on Bass, Rahul Sainani (Joint Family) on Guitars & Shardul Mehta (Joint Family) on Drums. After Dhaval graduated, Rohan decided to take up vocal duties and the band recruited guitar player John Sangtam to handle the leads.
The band mostly performed in school and only decided to get serious after winning Pepsi Storm 2002 an interschool competition held at IIT Delhi. After school the band played a few shows and gained some popularity in the Delhi rock scene. However in late 2004, the band split up. Rahul & Shardul went on to form Joint Family and Rohan & John formed Vorpal Scythe. Bharat had a short stint with AVR during this period. The band came back with a bang in early 2006 minus Rahul & Shardul. Rohan took up guitars along with the vocals. The band is currently gigging with guest drummers from FTN and Half Step Down and is in the process of releasing an EP. The band has a wide variety of seemingly unrelated influences which some say forms the basis of the uniqueness of their sound. Influences include Porcupine tree, Pearl Jam, Dream Theater, Alice In Chains, Creed, Nickelback, Crossfade, 12 Stones, Mr. Big, Pearl Jam, Steve Vai, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Incubus, Story Of The Year, U2 and many more. Tomoorow It’s a very low budget video, but the process was definitely a lot of fun, especially since most of our ideas have been incorporated in the video. HMV Sa Re Ga Ma recorded the video for the promotion of their compilation
The Underground — Delhi’, which features the song “Tomorrow”. They allotted directors to each band and we got a pretty good director named Vishant Baru, who was very co-operative and was open to feel the vibe of the band and hence incorporated a lot of our ideas into the story of the video. But what I like is that he focused more on the band than the story. The whole process took about a week, we shot [it] at our jam pad (my farm) from different angles for band shots, plus they shot us individually also from different angles. It was very tough for Srijan, because the music volume was so low that when he started playing the drums he couldn’t hear the music and would hence lose the beat. (Laughs) Good fun though, we pulled it off somehow. Then the story aspect came. The main girl and the boy were changed last minute as there was some problem and delay, but we shot a little bit in Connaught Place and then the torture scenes were shot in Vishant’s cousin’s house. After that it was all edited and finally we saw the video at the launch of the compilation.


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