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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From New Delhi to an all ‘new’ Delhi

Commonwealth Games are all fine but is the city ready to host an expected 1.8 million foreign visitors ? SEB member Mayumi Mohan of Ryan International takes a closer look
Beijing did it and did it well. Now it is Delhi’s turn to host one of the biggest games tournament in the world. But will the city be ready for the big event with broken roads, unsafe environment and crumbling infrastructure. The need of the hour is to find out what are the core issues and their solutions before the world gets to know them.
Pollution peeves PROBLEM: Step into the open and take a deep breath. By the time you release your breath you may have been infected with a pulmonary ailment. The exhaust from automobiles, industries, etc., noise pollution caused mainly by blaring horns of vehicles, soil pollution caused by dumping of rubbish, make pieces of the pollution cake.
SOLUTION: Delhiites! Only you can solve this problem. CNG is a partial answer for air pollution, honk only when required, proper disposal of wastes should be a way of life.
Traffic troubles PROBLEM: Congested crossings, dilapidated roads and improper planning of road repairs and constructions have cooked a curry of vehicles where-like the curry- you cannot distinguish one ingredient from the other.
SOLUTION: PWD! Your turn to pick up a paper and pencil and draw some well planned roads for our city.
Raging roads PROBLEM: Anger at the tip of the nostril applies to most of the denizens of Delhi. An accidental bump into another car causes a battle of not only words but fists and weapons as well. Sometimes at the cost of lives.
SOLUTION: Does this happen when you walk on the road and bump into a person? Similar situation and apply the same solution - " I am sorry". Effort from each citizen to keep their anger in check and a little sweat from the police to help the citizens in their effort can put a stop to road rage.
Safe streets PROBLEM: Murders, bomb blasts, terrorist attacks, kidnaps, drug peddling, rapes and the list goes on and on. Does Delhi have to be the ’capital’ of these acts just because it is the capital of the country? A woman cannot move around without fear. A person cannot go to a crowded market wondering if he’d return home alive.
SOLUTION: Well trained police force, strict laws, quick trials and harsh punishments for the guilty and of course, implementation of these.
Corruption disruption PROBLEM: India, the largest democracy in the world is perhaps the greatest hypocrisy. Corruption is like a sumptuous meal to a person and seems to be mandatory, unofficially of course.
SOLUTION: Greater punishment for those who give the bribe and not less for those accepting it. The big question is who will guard the guards?
Housing hassles PROBLEM: Not enough homes for Delhites so what about our guests for the Commonwealth Games?
SOLUTION: Better planning, Hotels to come up at plots allocated for them, housing complexes, etc. supported with required amenities.
Grim greenery PROBLEM: Urban jungles replacing greenery.
SOLUTION: Open spaces, parks, encouraged by design of building to consume lower energy, use of solar power, afforestation, etc.
Beggars banquet PROBLEM: Is begging a licensed profession?
SOLUTION: Need for the Government to act on this inaction and pave way for a new beginning for them.
Cleanliness concerns PROBLEM: Stench from drains and dumpsters invade your nostrils. Garbage piled up on roadsides adds to the problems.
SOLUTION: Waste disposal methods should be paid immediate attention to as hygiene thus brought about will also keep diseases away and ensure a better environ for Delhiites and even for those who come to visit it.


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