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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here’s the best deal for everyone

Who says style comes with a price tag. You just need to have Rs 200 for getting a stylish bag in West Delhi’s popular Tilak Nagar Market- what’s that one thing without which they can’t move out of their homes? And the answer would be their handbags. From money to credit cards and from important papers to makeup box, their handbag is one place where they can keep everything safely. Apart from its utility factor, girls also focus on size, design and colour of their bags, as it should match with their dress as well as suit their personality. Though myriad of options are available in markets as per once need and choice, but getting a bag keeping in mind ones preference and the weight of pocket is not an easy job. However, if you are in West Delhi, then there is no need to worry. There is a place which offers stylish handbags and that too at a reasonable price. We are talking about our very own Tilak Nagar Market. Shopping trendy handbags is no more a tough task, provided the place you are standing at is Tilak Nagar Market. It has been seen that college girls generally prefer big bags so that they have enough space to keep their books, make-up stuff, money and other important material. The variety that is available here include leather look dusky coloured spacious bags (Rs 200-400), light colour medium size bags (Rs 150-250), jute bags (Rs150-200), cotton bags famous as jholas, which could cost you anything between Rs 100-150, bags with some content written on them or flamboyant designs are also available in the affordable price range of Rs150-250. These bags constitute a popular fashion trend among teenagers and college girls. On an average carrying Rs 200 in your pocket could satisfy your desire of purchasing a nice handbag from Tilak Nagar Market, but what all is needed is the tact of bargaining.

Coming to working ladies, they generally prefer leather purses in combo with small jute bag. Leather purse (Rs 150-250) is generally used for keeping money and other important documents, and fine quality jute bag for carrying their lunch box and water bottle. All these are available here.

Good quality and affordable price, that’s the reason for the popularity of this old market in West Delhi. A regular visitor to the market Himali Sharma says, "The specialty of this market is its sundry eye catching handbags at very minimal prices. Though other markets also provide the same material but their cost is very high. A combination of looks, price, and quality is what any girl would search for, in a handbag and that’s available here quite easily."As fashion changes very fast, shopkeepers here also keep a tab on what is latest in terms of of design and colour of bags. "Gone are the days of stereotypical handbags displayed at each and every shop in the market, with similar looks and designs. Now, weekly the slot changes with new designs and new colours of handbags coming in," says a shopkeeper here in Tilak Nagar Market.So, next time you are planning to buy designer bags, or trendy jholas, straightaway head towards Tilak Nagar Market, as you won’t find a better deal.


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