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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Indian Army and Hindu Terror?

The ATS allegation that two army officers, including a serving Lt. Colonel apart from a retired major played a major role in the Malegaon blasts seems unbelievable at first glance. This most startling form of dereliction of discipline from what we have perceived as the most disciplined organization of India needs to be evaluated for there is no rebel without a cause.The mainstream media’s easy equation of Hindu Terrorism with Islamic terror is most mischievously constructed for not only it fails to take into account the global spread of the latter, or the miniscule magnitude of the former but also the essential nature of the former being a reaction to the latter.

Moreover, there is a world of difference between a Madrassa graduate indoctrinated to his fundamentalist worldview taking to terror or even when a hard-line Hindutva activist takes recourse in retaliatory bombings; and when a reasonably upright officer (as interviews from the army brass indicate) in one of the most disciplined organizations commit to the same. The "secularist" claims terror attacks were not infrequent during the NDA regime. True? But then, no army-man took recourse to terror then. But why such aberrations now and why the absence of such Hindu conduct under a supposedly Hindu nationalist NDA government?
And if those army-men are found guilty, is the cause not a direct consequence of the blatant terror appeasing policies of the so called “Secular” parties in their anti-national avarice for minority vote? Whether it is hobnobbing with both convicted and soon to be convicted terrorists, feigning the innocence of terrorist groups, safeguarding the interests of totalitarian separatist Muslims, weeping for Muslims in foreign lands, propping up commission for Muslims as constitutionally authorized agencies, reducing impartial organizations to terrorist right groups, directing all Hindu resources for socially recalcitrant Muslims and finally turning a blind eye to Islamic terror (most recently in Assam); this secular government and its supporting constituents have been doing it all!
Is it not a case of an awakened Hindu finding unbearable his innocent and pacifist Hindu co-regionalists being consistently butchered by Islamic terrorists who use certain bloodthirsty verses of the Quran (claimed to be read out of context by Islamic apologists) in their plea to convert Hindustan to a bigger Pakistan. Is it not a case of a radical Hindu finding intolerable the masks of secularism which had been religiously promoting Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai, when one bhai is more interested in saving his brother from the fires of Allah’s perdition or securing more permanent relationships with his cousins in the Middle East! Is it not a case of a reactionary Hindu being completely disillusioned by the ability of this impotent, minority appeasing government to tackle terror against his brothers and is utterly compelled to take the law into his own hands in what he or she erroneously perceives to be defense of his motherland…After all which national government has encouraged Bangladeshi infiltration through illegal and anti-constitutional IMDT Act? Which minister demands citizenship for illegal Bangladeshis? Which home minister gives clean chit to illegally residing Bangladeshis? Which state governments bends over backwards to accommodate illegal Bangladeshis in the secular voter list? Which government doubts the authenticity of M C Sharma’s martyrdom? Which government books suspected Hindu terrorists under MCOCA but ignores charging the Delhi blasts Muslim suspects under the same? The Army has an inimitable record in defending our motherland, tens of thousands of our brave ksatriyas; whom Vivekananda called the ancient “defenders of the faith” have laid down their lives in this sacred act. Then, one cannot but envisage how much deep the resentment within the army must have grown for their officers to become possible party to such activities as in Malegaon. Who is responsible for creating this crisis? Who is responsible for the malice that has overwhelmed the system? How much longer can this secularist perversion of blaming Hindu fundamentalists for every act of nationally and constitutionally subversive activity by a crooked but significant section of the minority be tolerated by any rational Hindu? Right after Malegaon blasts, a 25,000 strong Muslim mob critically injured two police officers who came to investigate conveniently ignoring that In 2006, the SIMI was proved to be involved for blasts at the same site. With such a volatile populace, who needs Hindu fundamentalists? When will they admit that Hindu fundamentalism, is at most an unlawful even heinous albeit defensive reaction to the totalitarian agenda of both foreign and indigenous Islamic terrorists operating against Hindu India, and the secret sympathy that this jihad enjoys from several of their non participating co-religionists. Kill Minority fundamentalism and Hindu fundamentalist will lose its very raison de entrée! Or else, the day is not far off when the cancer of pseudo-secularism undergoes whole body metastases to claim its first victim – the discipline of the Indian Army it self. Who will then mind our international obligations towards the civilian population? What if the bodyguards of our politicians turn the gun on whom they perceive to be criminally pseudo-secular or a jihadi sympathizer; after all there has been an ugly precedence! Or will they now call for a ban on the Indian army as the new face of Hindu terror?


nituscorner November 18, 2008 at 8:58 PM  

I feel man have become modern barberians....we have marched into the 21st century no doubt but with it , we have also carried forward greed ,the hunger for power, hypocricy. selfishness and with all the high tech and nano tech we have only built narrow domestic walls around us so much so that we have lost all human values and conciousness.all we do is to play the blame game....A would blame B ...B would blame C and so on and so forth.

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