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Saturday, November 15, 2008

India’s democracy, sovereignty under big challenge

It is all about our approach towards terrorism in general, at social, government and at political level. Here the entire society needs to be vigilant and act in complete cooperation against terror. Remember if it is me today, it can be you tomorrow.
VITAL INSTALLATIONS of India, including nuclear projects, ports and oil refineries are on radar of terrorist groups operating in country, the Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday October 21, 2008. The state home minister Prakash Jaiswal has accepted this and said that terrorist infrastructure continue to exist in Pakistan and various terror groups and organisations having their base in Pakistan are promoting terror in India.
This statement is an important statement but many Muslims and leaders of several political parties and the intelligentsia do not seem to be agreeing with this statement of the home minister. Whenever the police makes any arrests and detain people for investigation the police are charged with targeting a particular community.
When a terrorist is arrested from a particular place the name of that city is flashed in the news. Nobody should make a hue and cry about this nor make it a political issue. One must understand that India is facing a grave terror threat and the same is being done by organisation like ISI, whose main aim is to country the country through these attacks. Our democracy and sovereignty is under a big threat. There is a design to disturb instability in the country and in turn isolate India from international market. India is already figuring very low as choice of foreign investors because of the terrorist threat and unrest and uncertain political situation in the country. Investors are not keen to invest their money in India. While it is said that terrorists have no religion yet terror acts are carried out in the name of a particular religion. We have lost thousands of our soldiers and policemen fighting against terrorists.
So many families use their bread-earners fighting terrorism. But many political decisions taken by the government do not seem to acknowledge these sacrifices and seem soft on those spreading terrorism. Terrorism is intolerable and unacceptable. But it is very unfortunate that political parties are making terrorism a weapon of arm-twisting for their petty political gains. People organising terrorism have big vested interests and big budgets. They have technical access and latest military equipment with trained manpower. These are no ordinary criminals. They have even posed a big challenge for the Americans. One should not compare communal riots and isolated outbursts with these organised, terror attacks. Pan Islamic terror is on the rise. They do not care about backlash or vindictive theories. They have a mission. It is to establish Islamic rule all over the world. Their modus operandi is to study the prevailing conditions of a particular geographic region, understand all the possibilities in that land and prepare people for the mission. They first find the inherent contradictions in a particular state and use these to fulfill their own ends. The view of looking at the world from their point of view can make us understand what they want. They are fighting for what they call one is a utopian system, which does not exist even in any Islamic country itself. We have seen glimpses of it in Talibanised Afghanistan. Remember the way Taliban put a ban on women entering public life and places. The punishments awarded as per the barbaric tribal rules and dehumanised conditions, in which people were placed in that rule. Hardly any Muslims in our country will support such tyranny but there are always chances of many Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs and Christians and all type of people from all religions casts and creeds falling victim to the brain washing harmful ideologies of these terror mongers. The entire society needs to be vigilant and act in complete cooperation against terror. For, if it is today me, it can be you tomorrow. But after having said this all, the ultimate situation will always be decided by the political will of this country. Our politicians will have to rise above political considerations while dealing with terror and take very stringent measures against it. Ban all and every political party formed on religious lines. Keep religion totally away from politics and public institutions. In absence of any stern measures taken against terror, the cries of dealing with it with iron hands every time a blast occurs will appear as nothing but a cry in wilderness.


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