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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Maharashtra game

Enough has been said and written about the malady and method of the Thackerays holding Mumbai hostage by inflicting assaults on the north Indians and almost driving them out through the use of intimidatory politics , the abuse of muscle power and the threat engineered by those seeking political space in the name of p[reserving the purity of the native culture from the invading forces.But did anyone realise that in the whole game of one upmanship , the congress and its allies governing the state remained beholden to the spectacle of mindless guzzling of the existing peace. Was Raj Thackeray such powerful that he can have the audacity to challenge the government of the day . The drama of regional mayhem continued and the mass exodus of the northern Indians continued unabated and the government could barely do anything to stop it.No body is above law no matter how powerful he /she may be . But the patience of the congress led alliance must be applauded under a mistaken notion of lending advantage to the forces on the rampage. Infact congress has been to the forefront of all negative politics and weights its options guided by political considerations and plays safe even while the state burns. The rise of regional ghosts is nothing new as it all began with the emergence of the TDP by the late cine star in Tamil Nadu but that was only the emergence of course saneful to provide an alternative to the congress hegemony . But what went on in Maharastra for days together was not regional expression of a desire to long for the native purity.It was the divisive politics at its worst and the intimidation it entailed left all sanctity scurrying for cover . The assaults launched , the fire of violence gripping the whole of Mumbai was something hard to believe . This again calls in question the right to internal movement. Did Ghandhi belong to Gujarat alone or did he wrestle the pot of gold from the imperial Moguls only for Gujarat . Did the half naked fakir ever say he belonged to a state. Bal Thackeray is a rabble rouser and his two heir apparent Raj and Udhav are engaged in the unholy mission of unleashing a reign of terror to drive the message home that Mumbai belongs to the sons and daughters of the soil and if so then what about those Maharashtrians living outside the coveted land of Maharastra and what about those who might face the risk of a backlash as a reaction to the narrow vision of its prophets though imposed or self appointed. Can I ask a question to those engaged in separatist politics that what is wrong about the article 370 and Anandpur resolution.Why the BJP and The Shiv Sena are dead against these provisions. No body says in Kashmir that is for them only, no body says in Bengal it is for them only , no body says in south , it is for them only . The sectarian politics has a limited life and whatever the design of the Thackerays might have been but the message is loud and clear that the coming elections cannot see the Thackerays sweeping the state for they stand exposed , and their combined stand on the Maratha sentiment no matter how hard it is provoked will come a cropper at the hustings.


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