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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The miracle of life

A human being can visualise a past never seen and imagine a future he may never encounter.
Some of us see the miraculous in statues and other objects that do the incredible. Others remain skeptical, though in moments of desperation they may find themselves praying for a miracle. I belong to the category of those that consider miracles an everyday affair. Not only do I find them taking place all around me, I consider my self a miracle, all the time.The sky to me is a source of unending wonder. Cast your eye skyward at night and you see a picture not very different from that charted by ancient civilisations thousands of years ago. In this world of constant change, the sun, the moon and the planets have remained faithful to their course. The earth is busy making nonsense of the word ‘still’. Rotation and revolution that take place simultaneously do not allow a ‘moment’s rest’. The seasons have so far deviated but little from their long-established cycle. Summer is followed by monsoon, man’s great blessing, setting in every year. Trees and plants work in absolute silence to bring us the best in fruit and other bounty. The insects, birds and other animals that make this possible are truly miracles of creation. Their perfection of shape and their extraordinary abilities are nothing short of marvellous. The wonder of flowers needs no elaboration. The deftest of human hands have not succeeded in fashioning an artificial one that replicates in all its entirety the real blossom. Greatest of all, perhaps, is the human being. How noble in reason and how infinite in faculty! He is a wondrous creature who can visualise a past he has never seen and imagine a future he may never encounter. Imperfect himself/herself, he/she still senses the perfect and yearns for it. The woman goes through some of the most excruciating pain in order to give birth and yet is ready to give her own life to protect her young one. Last but not least, though the only certainty vouchsafed to hummankind is that death can strike at any time, she continues to live in cheer and hope. She lives largely unconscious of it or oblivious to it!


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