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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Superficial Society Emerges Today!

Who cares if I write? Who cares whether you read or not? This is what the superficial society is. Today as we live in this 21st Century, the whole system of our society is changing swiftly. The Early Man fought together the wild animals; there was community life in all the villages. But today the modern education taught our society the different value system in our lives; the value system of individualism; who cares if you are doing something good or some one is doing some thing good for you? Who cares what other says or who listen to the leaders? Is this the modern education taught us to live a better in an individualistic way? As the modern science and technology developed – the superficial society is gradually emerging with the modernization. When we retrospect the past centuries or even in last century; we find the whole system of our society is more systematic and people are more disciplined in many aspects
Today, are we living in the darkness and superficial system of the society? How many of us ponder the present situation and weep or pray in repentance? Today there is stiff competition and every one is becoming individualistic. But the competition between the individual is not even for their own good. Every individual has every right to live an individualistic life. But today people are becoming individualistic to destroy his or her own life and the systematic society.

Today, who makes the rules and who breaks the rules or who implement the rules? We have the people to make the rules; we have the people to break the rules. But do we have the people to implement the rules? People who make rules assume that it is not their duty to implement the rules. While who is suppose to implement the rules? If the rules are not implemented, why they make the rules? The rules are made for an individual, family, village, town, and city and for the nation. But the rule starts to break from the individual life. There are many rules made by the government for the political leaders, laymen etc. But who cares to obey the rules or who cares to implement any rule?

Who is talking to you? Are you listening? People are talking voluminously in public about corruption, cheating, raping, thieving, killing, drug addiction, smoking, drinking etc. But who cares to listen even if there is talk or gossip in public? We know that many do all sorts of mischievous things. But who listen to what we are talking about? Why the evil-doers do not listen? It is because in this superficial society, many people or leaders who talk in public also involves in one or another mischievous thing in life.

We have many teachers but do we have no learners today? Everyone seems to be a teacher or Guru of his /her own. The parent teaches their children but the children hardly learn what they teach. Anything that teaches for the good of the people seems bitter to swallow. Outside the School also we have the elders who teach us. But the learners have lost the desire to learn any good things. We are taught in different ways; the parents and elders teach the children and youngster and the elders also have their own teachers who teaches them in difficulty, success and other aspects. But today every individual is becoming a boss and stubborn. Who will be the learners and listeners if we all become the teachers of one another?

Who preaches who follows? The religious leaders preach but do we have the people to practice what they learn from the preachers? The Christian, Hindu, Muslim religion leaders etc preach in their worshipping place. But it seems none of the preacher is preaching successfully and the followers are following. In this world, which religion teaches us to kill, rape, corrupt, cheat etc? It may be easy for a preacher to blame the followers for not practicing what they have preached to the followers. The followers may also have the similar attitude by blaming that their preachers are not giving the life saving message. Whom to blame now in this superficial society? As the mindset of every individual is changing; the entire system of the society is become very superficial.

Who writes who reads? Who cares who is who? It is easier to write than practicing in practical life. Today who sincerely and truthfully write? And who bother to read and preach? Who cares what others write? Who cares who is writing what? Who cares whether they read or not? A difficult world emerge that we only want to use our own brain. The preconception and our own projection becomes the rule now. Today we have many veteran writers. But who reads and practice? Almost everyone think, “I’m the best and I don’t have to learn or accept others” For many the valuable write-up become like the gold given to the pig. Why this entire attitude of our people is changing?

Who cares you? Who feels? Who are supposed to care others? Do the people feel the love and care? Today we hardly find any genuine love and caring and people can’t feel from the heart. In the name of God or humanitarian ground they received money from within or abroad. Who bothers to check where the fund goes? People who are supposed to receive do not receive but the people who are not supposed to receive enjoy the share of others. But who cares what they are doing? And who cares what they doing for others? Who gives and who takes? Are they giving the share of the poor or rich?

Who starts? Who finishes? Many things have started with good noble purpose. But who bother to acknowledge the noble works? The lonely noble cannot live eternally and we need some one to take over. But who bother to take over the unfinished task except some successful criticism. The numbers of noble people are becoming lesser. We have many great men; we have many people who work great things for others but no one is there to support the heavy-laden carrying on by the noble men.

Who does? Who criticizes? Whether it is good or bad - we have the critics; we have Judas Iscariot who is ready to sell with thirty cent all the noble works. We have a few people who do good thing for others. But have the mob of people who criticize. A constructive criticism is always appreciable but in this superficial world, we hardly find any constructive critics. Today there is no much value - whether you have done something great or small.

The love to have individual freedom in this superficial society becomes main objective. It is a society now that I don’t want to learn from others and I don’t want to teach what I know. The community life, trust and cooperation between leaders and mass are gradually losing. Today this superficial society is changing so swiftly from bad to worst. There are also some leaders who really work hard to change the whole system; they want to change this stereotype and superficial society to a dynamic and respectable society. But who cares what they say or do? Who cares if you tell them or who cares if they tell you? Today every individual need to change his or her attitude then only we can restore to our earlier systematic and respectable society.


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