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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taj under control as operation 'Black Tornado' gets over

59 hours after it all began, the 'Operation Black Tornado' to overcome terrorist at Taj Palace & Hotel got over at 08:05 HRS IST. Early up in the morning new badge of NSG commandos were send to Taj to encounter terrorists. Heavy firing were exchanged as 1500 rounds of gun shots were exchanged. Fire intensified as day broke down and darkness gave way to bright day light making it easier for security forces to intensify operation. 3 terrorist are killed at Taj Palace. And fire brigade is trying to put end to the first floor fire at Taj. Mopping up operation for any un-exploded grenades & RDX has just began. But to big relief the ordeal is over now & Taj is now in complete control of security forces.
According to DG NSG JK Dutta:

  • 3 terrorists are killed.
  • 1 terrorist is caught alive.
  • 1 was killed after he was hurt by bullet & jumped out of Taj Palace.
  • One NSG major is killed in operation.
  • 2 AK 47 & 56 hand grenades were found inside Taj.
  • There might be injured or dead terrorist hiding still inside.
  • Taj is under full control of NSG.
  • Technically operation would be considered over only after each & every corner of palace is searched.
  • Search is on for un exploded grenades, RDX, any other explosives, dead bodies & guests (mopping up operation)
one more is expected to be hiding some where inside the palace (un officially). Further news is awaited by official sources.


Anonymous,  November 29, 2008 at 5:22 PM  

Why does the state always fail? The question needs to be addressed without demagogy. The time is not to blame the police and politics but to think out of the box to tackle the situation. National security must take precedence over all other considerations.
Despite being a nation that is constantly in the shadow of terror attacks, we sadly lack an unequivocal anti-terror policy. Vote-bank politics and parochial prudery upstage the national interests. Even now, certain sections in Tamil Nadu brazenly glorify the LTTE. As long as we continue to politicise everything, India will remain a soft target

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