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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Terrorism - A state of Fear

Economics says - Things that are in abundance have no value...!Makes me wonder, with 1 billion Indians living in this country, have we lost value for life ?Terror strikes seem to come & go like vicious cycles of fear, destroying families, shaking the very foundation of our everyday life. And yet we are told to keep the faith & forget about it. Is it because we learnt to take these upheavals in our stride with a fearful smile? Have we accepted it as a part of our life? Or eliminating 50 from 1 billion people does not make any difference to our population?There are many parallels to the terror attacks in Gujarat, but I doubt if there is one that could match the cruelty of targeting hospitals in the most inhuman manner. For the first time a hospital was the scene of attack & not the centre of post attack happenings.There was always this unwritten law even in the history of terror attacks across the world which ensured that doctors, diplomats, children & most of all patients were never made the target.But those laws seem to have been finally broken by the enthusiastic fundamentalists who have crossed every possible line of basic human decency & sensitivity.In Kabul we saw two diplomats being killed amongst the 41 dead at the Indian Embassy. In Ahmedabad we saw the civil hospital & the LG Hospital blown apart by the terrorists.If jihad is a “holy war”, then which sacred book caries these savagely sanctified rules that say – Hurt the wounded, injure those already suffering & kill the healers!The most despicable part of the plan being the timing of the bombs in the hospitals. They were the last to explode, a well thought of diabolical plan to ensure the victims who were rushed to the hospital never survived.First hospital was blasted 80 minutes after the first bomb went off, second hospital was 40 minutes after the first round ended. And the hospitals chosen as the targets were done keeping in mind where most of the injured would be taken.Have the terrorists who call themselves “Indian Mujahideens” hit a new low in barbarism? They are lying when they justify it saying – The blasts are revenge of the past. FALSE. They are revenge of the future they are aiming to create. It’s not our fear they are looking for, it’s our retaliation they want. They are craving for an explosion of public anger which would lead to riots & more blood shed. They are not fighting to save Islam & they are not defending their Muslim brothers, they are defaming the former and risking the latter.And that’s why I wonder at times, why is the moderate, elite, secular Muslim are not raising their voice against these terrorists who claim to be fighting for them. If Syed Shahabuddins of the world could rally their people collectively against Shah Bano’s & Rushdies of the world, then why are they not doing the same against terrorism? Do they really believe that Rushdie vilified the name of Islam by writing a book? And not these Mujahideens who are perpetrating these heinous crimes in the name of their God & their Holy Prophet?Terrorism has no religion, it has one principle, one agenda, one aim, one target… which is violence. It knows no other language, has no other view point & no foundation. Terrorism is a creation of a mind completely lost in its sense of being… and followed by people lost in their sense of existence.


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