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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Delhi mourns, remembers its dead

‘So many people died in the Mumbai attacks, my mother was one of them’“So many people died in the Mumbai Terror strike. My mother was one of them. There is nothing to feel bad about.” Coming from a 11-year-old, the words could not have been more stoic yet poignant.Aniruddha Saikia stood brave and calm at the funeral of his mother Sabina Sehgal Saikia, even as many in the city mourned the death of the food critic from The Times of India. Saikia was staying at the Taj Mahal hotel, when terrorists struck. “Sabina died from blunt force trauma after her head hit something hard following a grenade explosion. There was a fire in an outer room of her suite, but the thick stone walls of the old building prevented it from reaching Sabina’s bedroom. Though the outer room was charred, we’re thankful the building had such strong walls. At least her body was not charred. Her death was instantaneous,” says Nikhil Sehgal, Sabina’s brother. The family, echoes Aniruddha’s words. “Sabina has gone to a better place. She is with her maker,” says Nikhil.

Nikhil and Santanu Saikia, Sabina’s husband, had flown to Mumbai as soon as they heard of the terror strike.

Sabina exchanged text messages with her husband as the terrorists stormed the hotel and reportedly also her bathroom. “The last sms Sabina shared was one of profound love for her husband,” says Nikhil.

Others were still in shock at how their friend could have died. “I was also at the Taj Mahal when the terrorists came. But I managed to get away. It is unbelievable that Sabina could not and she had to meet this end,” said a friend at the funeral.

Sabina is survived by her husband, and two children, Aniruddha, 11, and daughter, Arundhati, 14.

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and BJP leader Vijay Jolly attended the funeral. Other well wishers of the family were also present: beautician Shehnaz Husain, fashion designers Rohit Bal and Manav Gangwani, artist Naresh Kapuria, apart from many journalists from across the city.


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