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Monday, December 8, 2008

Naach baliye

Naach baliye North Delhiites these days don’t mind shelling out more than a lakh just to dance to the tune of professional choreographers. Gone are the days when family weddings used to be all about breaking into a silly dance sans proper movements. But not any more as North Delhiites are now hiring choreographers to synchronise the dance steps of all the family members, right from the granny to the toddlers, and make it look no less than a big fat Bollywood wedding. Be it the impressive sets, vivid props or the lights — all these play quite an important role in a typical North Delhi wedding. Just read about the various interesting must-haves involved in the latest choreography of the marriages.
Sets and props rule What’s a dance programme without sets and props? "These days it’s not just about the perfectly synchronised steps that people are looking for. Rather they want the dance to go well with the props and perfect backdrop," shares Rahul, a choreographer from Bharat Nagar. Diyas, stoles, firemen, daphli, matki et al are the props doing rounds in North Delhi marriages. "It was just our close family of 10 people who danced together. We were from three generations all together who shared the dance floor. There was a splendid use of diyas and colourful stoles which made the entire programme even more interesting," Aditi Jain from Sector-13 Rohini describing her brother-in-law’s wedding.
Moolah really matters

There is no limit to the money being spent in such lavish affairs. "When one wants some quality money cannot be a limiting factor. We had 8-year-old young kids to 70-year-old people sharing the same platform. And when it comes to a wedding it has to look best in every respect," says Aditi. Well, they may not disclose the money spent but our choreographers dug up the truth. "People looking for that special effect are ready to shell out any amount to make their programme a memorable affair. North Delhiites are spending more than a lakh in getting their wedding programmes choreographed by a professional," reveals choreographer Vikas Sharma from Pitampura.

What’s the theme?

Rather than picking up random dancing numbers and swaying to their music, people prefer to get it weaved around a story and then select the numbers. "Though getting it weaved along the jab we met theme is a little too outdated. The present trend is to have a series of numbers to gel with the individuals personalities and then add humour to the complete performance. So, no serious and sad songs please," says choreographer Divay Dua. Radhika Sharma from Ashok Vihar preferred doing her sister’s wedding in a unique manner. "We compiled a story about how she and my brother-in-law met each other and added few more tit-bits in that. It was really appreciated by one and all. But all this was possible with proper choreography only," said Radhika.

With wedding season in full swing, book your choreographer in advance and make this life long affair a memorable one!


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