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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Physics and the Paranormal

Is there a hidden connection between the spiritual and the physical world, and if so, is the nature of that interface existing between them electromagnetic? Since the 1950’s many investigators of electronic-voice phenomena have come to the same startling conclusion - that the deceased can and often do communicate with us through various kinds of electromagnetic phenomena although we may not be consciously aware of it.One of the earliest known investigators of this phenomenon was Friedrich Jurgenson, a Swedish filmmaker, who discovered in 1957 that when he played back his tape recordings of birds singing in his garden, he could distinctly hear the voices of dead relatives in the background. During the next 25 years, Jurgenson continued to make these spirit-voice recordings and in1964 his book, Voices from the Universe was published which included samples of his recorded spirit voices. His work eventually attracted worldwide attention and in 1969 Pope Paul VI in Rome personally recognized the significance of his research.

Although he began recording spirit voices by using a microphone at an open window facing his garden, he discovered that he could obtain even better results by leaving his tape recorder running while recording the white-noise or static between radio stations, or when a station was no longer broadcasting. Either way, when he played back his audiotapes, the voices of departed relatives could be distinctly heard making comments in the background. Often music was recorded, which skeptics claimed were only being picked up from normal radio broadcasting.

But how do we begin to explain this strange electromagnetic connection between the physical and spiritual world? Fred Alan Wolf, a well know quantum physicist remarked in his book, The Spiritual Universe, that the background static of a mistuned radio was actually the sound of fluctuating zero-point energy in the quantum vacuum. A vacuum is generally understood as being pure empty space, devoid of all matter, heat and light – a space in which nothing physically exists. But quantum physicists have found that even if everything is removed from a chamber and cooled to absolute zero in temperature, there are still fluctuations of energy left which shimmers with its own special light. According to Wolf, the quantum vacuum is a spiritual dimension, a realm of potentiality and virtual reality, which is believed to be the ultimate creative source of everything that exists in the universe. If Jurgenson’s spirit voices are a manifestation of this zero-point energy, then this quantum void is what Fred Alan Wolf claims it is – a spiritual dimension that is all pervasive and more importantly, a dimension where the departed are still alive and well.

Konstantin Raudive, a Swedish psychology professor became interested in Jurgenson’s electronic-voice phenomena and in June 1965 began his own intensive research. Using a live microphone, he soon discovered that the voices of relatives who had passed on were also appearing on his audiotapes. In order to study this phenomenon further, he assembled a team of professional researchers who eventually made over 100,000 experimental audiotapes. In 1971, Raudive’s book Breakthrough was published, and because it supported the belief in the continuation of life after death it quickly captured international media attention.

As public interest in spirit-voice phenomena intensified, many articles and books appeared on this subject, including Voices of the Dead, by Susy Smith in 1977 and Phone Calls from the Dead by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless in 1979.

Perhaps the most intriguing idea is that somehow a dead relative could use the public telephone system to communicate with the living, but in spite of its contentious nature, Rogo and Bayless spent two years investigating a large number of reported phone calls from the dead and concluded that many reported calls could be verified based on either reliable witness accounts or telephone company records which specified the time and origin of many of the calls received.

Of course, there are many different theories that have been offered to explain this phenomenon, such as the assumed Pk ability of the unconscious mind to directly affect audio recordings, creating these electromagnetic voice imprints. But as most of these sound tracks can be viewed on an oscilloscope screen, they can’t simply be classified as figments of the imagination. A very promising explanation however may be found in gaining a better understanding of the nature of subtle energies, such as Chi, Prana or Qi, associated with the life force, and its relation to electromagnetic phenomena including visible light.

There has been a great deal written regarding the Chi generator developed during the 1980’s by Dr.Yury Khronos, a Russian physicist. Although it is difficult to imagine how a machine could electronically generate a universal living force such as Chi, various groups who have studied this phenomenon are convinced that although Chi is a subtle nonmaterial force, electromagnetic energy can be used as a carrier for this energy. Although the technical aspects of the Chi generator are still shrouded in secrecy, it is claimed that different energy patterns of ‘vital energy’ can be recorded on ordinary magnetic tape and capable of producing different physical, psychic or psychological effects when played back. It is reported that although nothing is heard, anyone sensitive to this Chi energy can experience its healing effects. But what is really occurring here?

To dispel some of the mystery, we have to recognize that a polarity exists between electromagnetic energy, including visible light, and the existence of subtle spiritual energies known by many different names, such as Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana, as well as Odic and Orgone energy etc. Electromagnetic patterns of energy are therefore able to contain subtle energy imprints of nonphysical phenomena capable of affecting the listener. Various individuals who have use these tapes have reported seeing patterns of Auric energy emitted from the speakers while playing these tapes, which indicates that we are dealing here with parasensory energies that are clairvoyantly visible.

There is no secret wizardry involved in manufacturing these so called ‘vital energy’ tapes that are currently available. Any form of electromagnetic energy, including the magnetic field around an ordinary magnet, is able to contain subtle energy imprints that are perceptible clairvoyantly. This not only provides an explanation for Psychometry but also for the appearance of spiritual apparitions repetitively reenacting the imprinted memory of some past event, which is literally recorded in the material fabric of a building or the physical atmosphere itself.

If the interface between the spiritual and the physical world is electromagnetic, it can be conceptualized as being similar to an ordinary screen door through which the invisible forces of nature, like a subtle breeze, freely move back and forth through its vacuous fabric. This is the interface between two worlds in which the energies of one world enters and exits the other. The appearance and attributes of this interface depends on which side the observer is looking from. If looking at the interface from the spiritual dimension, one sees only a reflection of our physical world comprised of subtle etheric and astral energies. When viewed from the physical side it is perceived as an electromagnetic spectrum of energy manifesting as a material world. By using such an analogy, we can begin to understand how electronic spirit-voice phenomena is possible including video communication with the spiritual world, which also occurs.

Since 1985, when Klaus Schreiber of West Germany began receiving pictures of his deceased relatives and famous personalities on his television screen, the field of psychotronic research has continued to attract renewed interest. In her book Future Memory, Mrs. Atwater reports that on October 21, 1987, the image of Friedrich Jurgenson who had died, appeared on the TV set of a dear friend and colleague at precisely twenty-two minutes after Jurgenson's funeral service had begun, 420 miles away. The image appearing on Claude Thorlin's television screen was received on a channel that did not broadcast in that area and he was able to photograph Jurgenson's video image that exactly matched his physical appearance just prior to his death. Today, research in electronic-voice phenomena continues throughout the world in an effort to develop more sophisticated communication systems capable of receiving sustained and high-quality video and audio reception from those on the other-side.


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