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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Random pics

This monkey was enjoying his afternoon tea when i clicked this picture

Just Like Mankind, this tree is also lifeless. I clicked this picture with my mobile phone from a Roadside garden where this tree was standing tall, making its lonely presence felt. Still it is looking graceful
This was taken by me from the roof top of my building ..i had gone just like that to take a litle walk and then i saw the sun..it was lukin magnificient ...and i though i need to capture this moment in my camera..i ran downstairs and got my camera..this is one of my favorite shots..this mite not be the best frame but i simply love the colour of the sun..it is so real that it is almost unreal...
An underprivileged kid watches a good school's program atop boundary wall by making his view through the curtains. This caught my attention as the view looked dramatic to me but the look in the eyes of the boy were asking a hundred question... why there is a social gap in form of the rigid boundary and on top of that the effluent society does not event want the poor kids to see that. Questions like will I ever be able to get there to be in such schools.Though India is fast progressing in terms of economic strength and education level, still there are a few sectors which have not crossed the boundary wall still.
This is a section of the dome in the prayer hall of the Qila-i-Kuhna mosque, located in the grounds of the Purana Qila, Delhi. It was built in 1541 by Sultan Fariduddin Sher Shah - emperor of India from 1540 - 1545. The mosque features five carved niches or mihrabs in its western wall, and beautiful calligraphy. Marble in shades of red, white and slate was used in its construction. There was a second storey where female members of the court could pray.

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