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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A world of wishes for South Delhi

Metro come soon’, ’Clean up the mess’, ’Do away with the BRT’ all this and much more went into the wishing well for South Delhi when five bright, smart and intelligent young men and women turned into guiding angels for SDP and wished to their heart’s content for their city. Ujwal Gandhi, a medical representative working with a pharmaceutical company wants to gift South Delhi better infrastructure. He really wishes that, "I wish that South Delhi comes up with more and more residential complexes so that the exorbitant rent of the place where I am living in South Extension comes down." Besides this he desperately wants to take away BRT from Delhi’s map. He suggests, "The BRT wallahs should go and learn something from the Metro wallahs." While it is the infrastructure that troubles Ujwal, Renuka Goel, a management student, seems to have something ’more important’ to gift to South Delhi and that is increasing the number of pubs and discotheques. "This festive season is the best time for South Delhi to increase its entertainment quotient by engaging more people into partying and having fun. But along with it I really want to fasten the progress of Metro," wishes Renuka, a resident of Arjun Nagar. On the other hand, Suman Gusain of Andrews Ganj, who is doing her Masters in Mass Communication, philosophises, "I want to gift a smile on everybody’s face and a spark in everybody’s eyes. ’Smile’ so that the joy of living and the passion is passed on to the people living in the city and ’spark’ so that people learn to dream big, not only for themselves but for our city too." Noble thought. Thinking on similar lines is Rajiv Ranjan, a final year student at Jamia University. "This is the time when people are panicky and have fear written all over their faces. I really wish to take away the pain and fear," says Ranjan. Last but not the least Madhvi Kondal also from South Extension, feels that the city and its people should concentrate more on cleanliness and safety. "I wish to take a broom and walk down the streets to clean up my area," shares Madhvi. Seems like the young adults are all geared up to change the city and that too for better.


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