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Friday, October 24, 2008

The drama queens

One of the reputed college of DU, Lady Shri Ram has a charm of its own. With girls from all over South Delhi coming together, the united act is only too visible

Catching the latest flick in some multiplex or just indulging in some girly gossip is not everyone’s idea of having a rollicking college life. At least for the art-loving vivacious young crowd of Lady Shri Ram College, there is more to life than this. Armed with a zeal to bring in a change in the society and of course to get a good experience for their ECA (extra curricular activities), these girls are members of the very popular dramatic society of LSR. The dramatic society is the biggest and oldest in the college, functioning since nobody knows when. The gang of girls here is committed to use theatre as a reflection of widest possible range of social conditions and challenges today. This includes, but is definitely not limited to, issues like racism, sexism, ageism, classism, and all forms of discrimination that deny individuals of their rights and opportunities. The society is equally conversant with English and Hindi plays. Be it comedy, tragedy or skit the dramatic society of LSR excels in all. However it is the spoofs on ongoing social issues that happen to be the strongest points of the society. "It has always been a veni vidi vici (I came, I saw, I conquered) for us wherever we have performed. This year we had performances like Kharashein a Hindi play which got first position in the intercollegiate events and also got selected for screening at National School of Drama. Similarly Tara and Death- two plays in English enacted by the society, earned accolades from NSD. They were also screened at the India Habitat Centre," informs Apurba Roy Choudhury, president of the society. However the best part of the society is that it has something for everyone, whether it is acting, direction, play-production, make-up, set building, lighting or sound editing. Around 80 odd student members of the society are relentlessly putting in their hard work to sustain the society and make it all the more popular, both in LSR and beyond.One need not be professionally trained or have a certificate in acting to get through the historic drama society of LSR. It is only the clarity of your voice, an expressive face, and an indomitable zeal for acting that’s counted in here. The rest is taken care of by the society itself. "We’re always looking for new ideas and enthusiastic people to get involved. You don’t need to have superstar looks or be an award winner to act or help put on a play. Keep an eye open for posters and emails about workshops and auditions and you can be a part of our team!" says Zoya Parvin, secretary of the society.Putting forward her own example Apurba adds, "When I joined the society I hardly had any experience. It was only a few stage plays that I participated at my school and that’s it. It was after joining LSR that I rekindled my love for acting. And the society rightly provided me with a platform to put forward my hidden talents before all." The dramatic society of LSR is known for its finesse. But such finesse definitely comes at a cost of loads of hard work and honest efforts. In the words of its members, the society has the longest practice hours as compared to any other society. The members take out time between 4 to 7:30 every evening for their practice session. There are no weekends as offs and absolutely no offs on holidays. When asked about how they dedicate so much time to their practice, they say in unison, "We are quite good time managers. We don’t compromise study for our passion and vice-versa. We juggle it right."Such is the popularity of the society that around 150 freshers have queued up for its audition this time. "Being a member of the dramatic society of LSR not just gives a boost to the ECA section of one’s CV but makes you more confident and vocal about social happenings. The enthusiasm among freshers definitely shows how popular as a society we are. And I think this is the greatest reward," remarks Zoya.


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