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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello sir!

So i worked at Express at the time and i wanted to get some cufflinks for a shirt. So I went to the mall right after I got off work to go to Dillards and get some.When I got there I saw a friend who was there shopping with her sister. I decided to tag along and next thing you know we are in Hollister. Never going into the place, I was suprised how freaking dark it is in there! Well me being the only person in nice clothes, (sorry, Hollister isnt the most sophisticated) I wanted to mess around and act like I was working there. So I just went to random people asking "Hi how are you doing today?" instead of giving a blank stare like all of the employees did if they didnt look "cool"So i was behind this kinda thick person and i go, "Hello sir! how are you doing today?" very energetic. And what do ya know, a thick(not fat) girl turns around and just glares at me...I left... feeling like poo


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