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Saturday, October 25, 2008


As a nation, we have been brought up on exquisite embroidery and handicrafts. With the onset of a wedding we are introduced to a burst of colours in the form of rich fluid fabrics, precious gems and a feast fit for kings. The finest silks, crepes, and swathes of pure chiffon are to us what 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton is to the world.

While the fashion world is rejoicing and reliving the revival of ancient embroideries through international fashion houses like Dior, Hermès and Chloé, our Indian luxury couturiers have inherited this artful skill which has been handed down to us through our Moghul predecessors and have been providing us with timeless couture pieces.THE DOYENNE OF INDIAN FASHION, RITU KUMAR SAYS, “Luxury has been an inherent part of Indian culture; whether it is jewellery or clothes or even lehengas, we have been exposed to high value pieces from a very early age. We have a 2000 year old culture of gifting silver and precious fabrics, we understand luxury.” Ritu should know, after all, she designer responsible for beauty queens returning with the best national award. She is on every wish list and as her www.ritukumar.com she has dressed some world's most famous from Princess Diana to Khan. Besides being a designer, Kumar has a brand and has a presence every metropolitan city as well as a reach in smaller From her prêt store, Label, bridal collections, every Indian woman knows Kumar creation.IN CONCURRENCE ARE ABU JANI AND KHOSLA. Say the talented “The whole concept of luxury is about rarity. Luxury is also about how something makes you feel a je ne sais quoi that is indefinable, almost intangible. It's an exacting standard and those who demand and know luxe understand that it permeates your entire life. It's about uncompromising excellence.” And this uncompromising excellence is what Jani Khosla have been committed to since s. The designers are part of the Indian designer brigade who have revived various forms of Indian embroidery and used them create their masterpieces. Every piece of work that comes out of their studio is a result precision and a labour of love.
Commenting on their work, “Every Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla garment is luxe at its best. There are no shortcuts. Voluptuous fabrics, the most intricate embroidery and embellishment and the finest finishes—that's our trademark. And every creation must match up.” Known to be the favourites of the Bachchan family and having had their designs being worn on the Oscar red carpet by none other than Dame Judi Dench, Jani and Khosla are also a favourite amongst the sophisticated in the wedding market. The designer duo, who are famous for their classic white chikankari ensembles, have a presence in the capital city and in Mumbai apart from retailing in London.ANOTHER INDIAN LUXURY DESIGNER, TARUN TAHILIANI comes to mind with his jewelled ensembles and flamboyant creations. His kaftans are perfect for lounging in yachts on the French Riviera and are evTHIS ALSO BRINGS US TO ROHIT BAL, yet another gem in the crown of Indian couturiers. Bal, who considers his design an art form and is inspired by history, fantasy and folklore has been creating couture since 1990. This presence is evident at all the national and international fashion hot spots. He has lent his name and design talent to watches (Nebula for Titan), a restaurant ( V e d a ) and even a credit card ABN AMRO Platinum card).While all these designers cater to an mindsets, there is one links together.they successful designers who have our heritage and culture created successful brands by imbibing this very culture and craftsmanship into their work.Kumar has seen the Indian consumer from the 60s, Jani and along with Tahiliani have witnessed the change in attitude from the 80s; whereas Bal has created a new look for men and women alike 1990 onwards.When questioned about the change in the mentality of the luxury consumer, Kumar states, "The number of occasions has multiplied and luxury has gone from in your face to more subtle forms like a silk jacket instead of a heavily embroidered lehenga."While Tahiliani feels that the Indian consumer is certainly more “discerning and understands quality”. But for Jani and Khosla, the Indian consumers have luxury in their genes.MANISH ARORA ON THE OTHER HAND IS THE NEW GLOBAL FACE OF INDIAN LUXURYLover of all things kitsch and a in many luxury product categories. Manish launched his label, Manish Arora, in 1997 there has been no looking back for him since. has left his signature on funky sports shoes clothes for Reebok, sunglasses, a limited edition collection for Swatch and a makeup collection MAC amongst various other collaborations.he is a proud desi export, the Indian market being flooded with international luxury brands."The Indian consumers are very difficult they need everything customised. This is Indian designers score over international says Ritu Kumar. Abu Jani and Sandeep couldn't agree more, "Product differentiation is also important. As long as we create unique original merchandise, we will stay the course. When it comes to domestic players, there is much mediocrity masquerading as couture. Accessibility means exposure which fine-standards. Competition from abroad should be welcomed. It will separate the men the boys."At the end of the day, these designers allow us to wear our heritage on our sleeves proudly so.en retailed at an exclusive store there amongst other locations around the world.


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