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Friday, October 24, 2008

Local connection@global

Several West Delhi specific communities have been formed on social networking sites to know more about West Delhi. These are fast becoming popular among youngsters in West Delhi

Social networking sites on the internet have already established themselves as a platform for interaction and communication for the youngsters. Being the easiest and fastest way to traverse the globe and make new friends, social networking sites like Orkut, Face book, Hi5, Net log and many others have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past and the trend is continuing.However, while earlier net used to be a medium to connect with friends who are at far off places or to get acquainted with areas and events happening in distant parts of the world, but today more and more youngsters are taking interest in uploading and sharing information pertaining to their neighbourhood places on these sites. As a West Delhiite, if you want to find out some information on West Delhi or interested in knowing what’s happening around your areas and at the same time interested in making new friends from the same part of the city, then you can log on to communities on net especially devoted to West Delhi. The increasing popularity of these communities could be gauged from the fact that thousands of members are there, who have joined these communities. Says Vishal Kukreja, from Tilak Nagar, who is an avid blogger, "Social networking sites and specific communities provides a platform, where people of similar interest and likings can converse on the topics of their common interest as well as participate in the blogs of their interest. There are many groups formed on life in West Delhi. Teenagers today sit on these sites for hours, chatting and discussing their favorite topics, sharing their views with one another. These sites help in connecting with people and friends all across the globe. The thrill and excitement of discovering long lost friends and finding new ones to share your thoughts and experiences with each other appeals to the youngsters.” Similar views are expressed by Chandni, a III year student of Maitreyi college and a resident of Tilak Nagar, "I surf net daily for at least an hour. It is a good way to rejuvenate myself from the whole day’s work. Just log in and chat with your near and dear ones. Also, I like to check out my fans, communities, which range from sports to pizza to pasta to various celebrities and many more. And most important thing is you can make friends from your immediate neighbourhood itself by joining West Delhi communities." Shweta, an Italian honors student from Manohar Park, Punjabi Bagh, feels that it’s great fun finding new people from West Delhi itself. " Since I stay in West Delhi only, I can keep in touch with my friends here in West Delhi through these communities. Also, these West Delhi specific communities have also provided us a new identity." According to her all these networking sites not only provide you with chatting and interacting facilities but also save a lot of time of people through their refined search feature.


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