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Saturday, November 15, 2008

DU Rocks

Delhi University SEB comprising of Afghani, American, French, South African and Sri Lankan students chose DU for pursuing their further studies and not any other institution. While a few couldn’t resist being a part of the student-friendly environment of the university, others just wanted to experience the cultural divergence. Here is what each member has to say Faaiz Kaamil Kabul, Afghanistan. There are many reasons why I chose to come to North Campus. First being its student-friendly environment. Then there are good facilities and a teaching faculty that comprises the best of teachers in all subjects. We can find the best collection of books in North Campus library.Last year, I had the opportunity to do my studies in a foreign country.
I explored various options at different exchange programs with our partnership universities, that is to say, America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia. Going to India was one of my objectives. DU is one of the most prestigious universities of India and SRCC is a well-known college. A new way of teaching, new friends, actually an entire new life was beckoning me. I am really enjoying my studies in DU. Moelelwa MashalaStyabuswa, South AfricaDU makes you feel like you live in a different world, where all dreams take shape and future politicians, actors and leaders are born. And as a Mirandian, I would proudly say there is no other place I would rather be in the whole world than be in Miranda. We may come from different parts of the world but, once in DU, we are all on the same wavelengths. North Campus is also a place where one’s talent and creativity get ample exposure and expression.Thomas BonnetLille, FranceLast January, we had a meeting with our director in Lille, France. There everybody had, according to his/her ranking, the task cut out of choosing a study destination in a foreign country for a year. Personally, I was looking for a good university in Asia. I opted for Delhi in order to see the real India because of its cosmopolitan character.Priyangwada PereraGampaha SrilankaI had many of my friends here in North Campus. And everyone was full of praise for DU. So I also made up my mind to join the university for my further studies. Back home in Sri Lanka, DU is considered to be a reputed university in the popularity sweepstakes. This even further added to my joy that I have the privilege to be a part of the same university as SRK.

If you are looking for cheap and quality food, then this is the place to be in. To be honest, what is college life without pretty girls for company? And this is what you get to see in North Campus.I have always been fascinated by the secular character of North Campus as students from all parts of India and the world come here to be a part of the institution. This is the best part of North Campus. Regular cultural activities like Youth Nexus, Great Indian Rock show, competitions bring the best out of the students who get a big platform to showcase their talents. Another plus point of North Campus is its accessibility to any part of the city. If that was not enough, seminars, street plays, national and international conferences keep students busy all through the year. sam badgerCalifornia, USStudying abroad is always a daunting task. I wanted to choose a non-European and non-Latin American country, so that left me with options like Ghana, India, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Japan. I lived for a while in England, and I have visited France also. There’s more to learn from other culture than keeping to one’s self. I had read English translation of several of the Upanishads, and being a Philosophy major, I felt that there was a lot which I could try to learn. So India and Ghana, with good philosophy departments, were two good options with an Indian university obviously being the first choice. The opportunity to learn Hindi in Delhi was a big factor too. Hindi is spoken by hundreds of millions of people in India; the language is easy to learn for the English speaking than Chinese, and I had already learned some in my university in America. Anyways, I hadn’t lived in a big city for years; it could be a nice change. Though my Hindi is horrible, I’m brushing it up gradually, and it’s exhilarating to learn the language of another people.I’m glad I made the choice I did; Delhi is an amazing city, and the opportunity to come and study here is one I would take again. The people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had justify my choice.Gatien RouquetteLille, FranceI am from IESEG, School of Management in Northern France.


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