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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lessons from USA elections

The glass ceiling has been broken. The success of Obama, a half black, has come over the social barriers in American society till now from the days of slavery.American society has come to terms that all its citizens, whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and all others are equal in status.Education, ability and leadership were the qualities that brought in a leader like Obama to the forefront. Obama happened to be a great communicator. He was able to raise the aspirations and passions in the minds of his followers. Because of this the country's high turn out in voting during the elections is astonishing.Despite prejudices like race, colour and other obstacles he made the people come and vote for him in large numbers. For progress in the twenty first century America also seems to have rejected geriatrics' and gone for youth. The baton has once for all been given to the younger generation.What are the lessons to be drawn for India from the American elections? It is sad to note that in India the top positions in the political hierarchy starts with people normally only after they are seventy!These politicians with their prejudices on the basis of caste, religion and language are more interested to divide the people than unite for their own interests. If these people don't retire and give way to the younger generation they should then be thrown out at the elections.They should not follow the example of Indian Test cricketers. Like Obama, leaders in our country should come through a trial by fire. The old zamindari system of they being thrust upon the hapless people by a ruling clique, cabal, coterie or a "high command" should be done away with.Leaders should have character, education, ability to communicate and persuade people to make them follow. Unless there is a real change in the character of politics, our country will miss the bus for progress in the coming century. Are people listening?


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