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Thursday, November 13, 2008


As a nation we must initiate an important debate on conduct of our so called peoples representatives who act like lords where all citizens, rich or poor emerges bruised and bears the maximum brunt sometimes with lose of precious life. Tragedy in India is that power brokers, politicians and bureaucrats are capturing the system who acts like rajas and maharajas where common people silently suffer harassment, oppressive, and their insulting behavior.Our democratic institutions, legislature, executive and judiciary are malfunctioning plagued by VIP culture. Even if Dr. Manmohan Singh honestly feel about the inconvenience faced by the public, but how we can expect strong politico- bureaucracy nexus to give up the VIP culture which is just a like cancerous cell always eager to grow and grow at the cost of the public exchequer. Every one of us must have encounter deadly VVIP conveys, police men in pilot vehicle frenetically waving arms and shouting the passer by to get out of the way, not letting any vehicle to overtake their majestically moving conveys.Several vehicles can be seen having a narrow escape while getting down on kachcha path to escape the danger of being run over by the conveys, definitely every body is not that lucky and some fell victim to these merciless VVIP cavalcades. It is really very distressing, depressing and frustrating to watch our so called people's representatives, nation's guardians and public servants traveling in cars with National Flag and Emblem act like uncivilized, arrogant and hooligans or mafia gangs. Roads are closed, movements curbed, traffic diverted or just stopped in the name of VIP security. Even the security of the most protected person, The President of USA does not cause so much inconvenience to public that is caused by a local level petty politician in India, the largest democracy of the world.Such encounters with VVIPs forces us to think whether we are living in free and democratic India especially State of Punjab or a fool's paradise where the elected representatives instead of behaving like any other traveler and a humble public servant, behaves like feudal lords and some times hooligans. Recent incident involving the courageous and righteous pilot Captain Rana and an MP Abdul Wahab expresses that people instantaneously accord hero's status to all those commoners who dare to resist or deify insulting behavior of our netas and babus.It is really very distressing, depressing and frustrating to watch the conduct of our so called netas 'nation's guardians' and public servants which are adding to progressive lose of their credibility and dedication. I firmly believe that it is only the courage of a few commoners aided by the media power which can build public opinion and mass moment against this cancerous VIP culture forcing our so called netas to behave like humble public servants rather that like lords.


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