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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reservation Will Divide India

Reservation policy in India is a social crime. It is "revenge discrimination" misdirected towards innocent children. There needs to be a worldwide movement to pressurize Indian government and society to remedy the situation. The ultimate solutions may have to be very radical transformations (but peaceful, of course). Every child that is deprived of what it rightfully deserves after studying hard is a shame on all the Indian governments and people. Every self immolation and suicide incident of a student missing a seat by a few marks represents blood stains in the hands of millions of Mandalite voters.It is a myth that "Mandal Refugees" are happy in US, UK, EU, and Australia. Many people will realize their refugee status once they visualize what could have been the situation in India without reservation. One simple example. Why are there no post-graduate institutions of repute in India to match Stanford and MIT? Surely there are enough students and professors of Indian origin worldwide to justify that similar talent (albeit stifled) exists within India today? This is not "brain drain" ... this is literally "murder of the Indian brain".In the immediate term, before a broader "Indians for Merit" movement starts, there is only one good thing left to say about India. We are free to abandon India. My friends in India, please study hard to get scholarships in US, UK, Aus, EU. At least save your own future kids ASAP. What about the huge number of people who are unable to flee from India? Who is going to take bring justice for them? Their biggest crime is that they are passive observers of suicides and self-immolations in their own families and communities.Relatively fewer number of dead bodies does not mean the overall crime is any lesser than other subtle genocides in history. But that is not enough. It is better to act fast before the strength of merit dwindles more and more in India because of worsening reservations for private sector and "minority religions" and what not. All religions are minorities in India and many are slowly but surely loosing foothold in India. Some communities are already precariously poised with too many unattended elders stranded all over India. We must recognize there are hundreds of religions in India and all need to be preserved. We dont want to talk about "Hindu unity" and face reservations at the same time. That is hypocrisy and doublespeak. Let us not forget our "birthright". Sounds familiar ? Yes, my friends, it is about "memes" and not "genes". Let us not shy away because our genes represent ancestral crime records. Let us think of our "memes" (combination of spirit, philosophy, ideas, concepts). These are the same "memes" of millions of educated Indians that earned India its freedom from British rule. We are quite familiar with the methods we can use to fight against oppression. We are also very familiar about genuinely trying to reform our own ancient social problems at the same time as we fight the oppressors. Only difference is that the oppressors in early twentieth century were the British and the oppressors today are the "revenge discriminators" and "student murderers" (namely VP Singh, Arjun Singh, and their millions and millions of followers in Indian society). Don't just blame it on politicians. This is a social malaise. We must accept that THERE IS NO OPTION BUT TO PARTITION INDIA AGAIN into sovereign "merit states" and "reservation states". Merit states can form a commonwealth similar to EU.Splitting of state resources can be done the same way it was done during the first partition in 1947. Doing it peacefully is the prerequisite. Merit states should provide a fair share of territory to those citizens of today's India who understand the concept of meritocracy. The rest of the world will have no problem understanding the philosophy of the merit states because merit is one of the most basic ethics of humans universally accepted in all countries except India. "Reservation states" will already have enough propaganda material to mutilate this constitution further for 100% reservation for those who choose to live there. Good luck to them for future development. If we put proper thoughts into this, we can pull it off peacefully with reduced animosity in the long run. Think about it this way: if a society is so fractured that student suicides don't ring a bell with every section of the society, then it is better to split apart. If educational institutions can be split based on percentages in population, then why not the territory itself?


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