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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Will enemies ‘kiss and make-up’?

All of us have heard about great cricketing rivalries of the past, Gavaskar vs Lille, More vs Miandad but none of them had to face the dilemma of sharing a dressing room. Now Graeme Smith and Shane Warne aren’t exactly great mates but it will be rather interesting to see them put their head together to scheme an opposition batsman’s downfall. Similarly any opposition captain to have played against Sourav Ganguly will not wax eloquent about him and if it is a certain Mr Ricardo Ponting then the camaraderie shared between the two individuals is well, not exactly great to say the least. After sharing such a tense relationship on the field for so long its hard to fathom how these two players will gel inside a common dressing room or how Ponting is going to take orders from Ganguly on field! Your guess is as good as mine, but it will ensure that the paying public gets value for its money.


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