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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

That dont impress too much

We've all been there- Growing up with a bunch of boys who were, at first, shorter and hence easy to thrash, and who later grew into hairy giants, in what seems like a week's time- The ones you've known since the time they started clipping their moustache and were deeply embarrassed by their newly acquired baritones, maybe from even before that- Some of them stayed on in the country, while others moved out to study abroad, and maybe work- And then, suddenly, when they came back home, it felt different.The guys who had never stepped out of homeland were, well, their sweet selves but suddenly, somehow, the dudes who had fended for themselves, lived on their own, learnt the ways of the world, began to seem…well…special- More gracious- More grown-up- Maybe it's just learning the ways of the world, or maybe it's acquiring the best of many worlds- Either way, we thought we'd give the ones who stayed at home the advantage of our international experience, and what they can learn from guys across the world, without ever leaving town! There went mass mail to editors of Cosmo around the world, and here's what we came up with! GENDER EQUALITY
- Our men appreciate our women! The Finnish woman is very emancipated, and men treat her as an equal, both at home and at work- We share our income as well as our household work- and responsibility for the children, when that time comes-

- A Finnish man is generally straightforward- He is not the romantic Latin lover with a fiery temperament and lots of pretty words, but when he mutters out something semi-sweet (about once a year!) you know that he really means it! - Johanna Falck

- Swedish men are probably the most liberated as far as gender is concerned- They will gladly cook dinner for a hardworking woman and take their paternity leave when we have kids-
- They're not that macho and don't feel the need to prove themselves all the time- They gladly let us make the decisions in the relationship-
- Swedish men are open-minded- For instance, if a girl's had many sex partners, they won't judge her- All in all, they are very secure in their masculinity- - Maja Persson
- We love Malaysian men because they're okay when we tell them: "What's yours is 'ours', what's mine is mine!" They don't mind when we're on the driving seat, or when we take the lead while dancing-

- The best thing about Malaysian men is that they're willing to hold our bags and wait for us patiently while we shop! They even hold are shopping bags and wait for us outside the trial rooms- - Izza Safinaz Ibrahim

- Our men are not stubborn and easily compromise in relationships- Moreover, they respect their partner's decisions-
- Don't be surprised to see a Brazilian dude flipping through a Cosmo with his girlfriend! - Christina Cardoso

- Czech guys play a lot of sports in order
hundreds of kilometres or undergo terrible
tortures in gyms-
- Czech men always know how to fix things and if not, they know someone who it's - Sabrina Karasova

- Their driving skills are second to none! - Iris Lin

- Our men are very emancipated in bed- So for a Dutch man it is common and necessary that a woman enjoys herself in bed- He wants to please his bed-partner and will always try to give her an orgasm-
- They help women manage her home- Dutch men (even the young ones!) can wash, cook, iron, and change diapers! - Claudia Straatmans
Most of them are really generous- They enjoy showing a woman a good time, especially when they are in love- This does not only concern money, but also their admiration towards the woman they are interested in- They like complimenting us time to time- They notice even the small details in our clothing and accessories-
- Greek men are good lovers- They are genuinely interested in pleasing you and usually, practice makes them perfect - Furthermore, they are really honest as well as straightforward with their partners. Nothing remains a secret for very long with a Greek man. - Nassia Bitha

- They help around the house, such as cooking and cleaning, after getting married. As husband and wife both work in a family, here it is very natural for Chinese men to share chores.
- They are generally serious about relationships (though conservative sometimes). They don't refrain from talking about the future and plan realistically. They feel responsible to look after their women. - Jane Wang


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