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Friday, December 19, 2008

Grass is not always greener on other side of the fence

The Japanese Park, DDA’s most ambitious venture in Rohini, is turning out to be a flop show. We always thought that the grass is greener on the other side and so thought residents from nearby localities of Rohini all these years. But they were mistaken. Japanese Park, or more commonly known as Swarn Jayanti Park of Rohini Sector-11, is considered to be only green lung for the residents of North Delhi. Lately this DDA maintained park is losing its sheen thanks to the lack of concern shown by the civic body in maintaining it.The park that once used to be known for its verdancy and well trimmed shrubs, threatens to become a pale shadow of its former self. Un-trimmed plants and overgrown grasses cover even the pathway meant for the walkers in the park. Most of the streetlights are non-functional due to missing bulbs or fused ones. Once known for its shimmering lake and boating facilities among the residents, the park presently has none. The lake somewhat resembles a dirty drain and even the boating facility has been ended a few years back.Since the park is situated in the heart of Rohini, most of the residents come to this place for their morning and evening walk. The sprawling green surroundings and the fresh whiff of air draw people from neighbouring areas to this place. The park is even equipped with the best of the walkways. "The overgrown grass is occupying most of the walking space. Moreover, due to lack of vigilance there are various kinds of insects emerging from the grasses which can lead to some serious infection among the visitors. That is why I prefer my neighbourhood park for the walks over this," complains Rajesh Gilot from Rohini Sector-9.All the gardeners deputed for the job are conspicuous by their absence in the park. One can also see hordes of stray dogs moving around freely in the park.
They not only disturb the walkers but even the rare peacocks are mostly killed by them in the park. This is sheer callousness on the parts of the authorities that they are not even bothered to preserve the national bird. "We have seen feathers of peacock scattered in the shrubs. Peacocks can be easily sighted in this park and if such callous attitude of the authority continues, soon there will be no peacock left in this park," says an angry visitor Saras Jain.When North Delhi Plus contacted DDA to comment on the issue, it was told that some kind of development work is being carried out in the park for last twenty days and soon all the problems will be taken care of. But when Director Horticulture, MP Nim, was contacted he was apparently unaware of any such developments in the park. "We will get the grasses, shrubs and all the trees trimmed. And even the streetlights will be rectified in the park and the gardeners will be instructed to stay alert and not let street dogs enter the park," assured Nim. When he was asked to divulge the time he needed to get the work completed, he referred the matter to the Deputy Director of North Range RG Prasad who was on leave. Even the Chief PRO, Nimo Dhar, is also on leave. As the year end approaches, all the officials seem to be busy taking their casual leaves before they lapse. After all, develolpmental activity can wait.


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