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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Incorrigible riders

Two-wheeler riders are taking dangerous wrong turns near the toll plaza on NH-8. The callous approach of the commuters will make them pay heavy price, say authoritiesThe expressway constructed on NH-8 has been a blessing for everyone—from residents, to working population and visitors to the city, considering the reduced travel time. But, unfortunately, there isn’t a smooth sailing when it comes to safety aspect. The two-wheeler riders are playing a spoilsport here. By taking dangerous wrong turns around the toll plaza, they not only harm themselves, but others as well.Picture this: After crossing the toll plaza, as one approaches the road that also leads to Ambience Mall, many two wheelers from the extreme left take an U- turn on to the wrong side and move on to the main expressway. When these two wheelers cross the road which leads to the Ambience Mall, they go in the wrong direction of traffic, where cars come at a high speed to get on to the main expressway. This route, which the two-wheelers take, is not only against the rules, but it can and has caused many accidents.When contacted, Gurgaon DCP Traffic Palwinder Singh said, “The truth is that two wheelers and three wheelers are not allowed on the expressway at all. The expressway isn’t made for them.” When asked if they are aware of the problem and if they are taking any measures to prevent it, he added, “Yes we are well aware of the problem and we also try and stop many vehicles from getting on to the wrong side and the expressway. But the fact is that the volume of traffic is so large that it gets difficult to stop each and everyone of them. And another problem is that when we do try to stop some people, they try and speed away, which can also cause a dangerous situation. But just to make sure that we can stop as many of them possible from taking the wrong turn, we have placed a special car and a few men there.” However, Singh added that even the public needs to be more aware of the traffic rules and must follow them as they are for their own safety.One of the two wheeler rider who works in Gurgaon and comes from South Delhi, Rahul Arora says, “Even I take that wrong turn most of the times, I know it is against the rule but it is more convenient and saves time for us.” A resident of Gurgaon, Shivani Gupta who travels back and forth from Delhi everyday for work voices her frustration, “It is very dangerous for us and the people who take that wrong turn. Some of us come at a high speed from the toll plaza and it can only take an instant to have an unfortunate incident. Why can’t they simply understand and ride on the route that is made for two wheelers and three wheelers?”The frustration and the inconvenience was evident when the spokesperson of DS Constructions, Vikas Solanki, expressed himself, “We are completely aware of the problem and are really trying to take care of it. Even though there are no two wheelers allowed, I understand that people living in the villages nearby still use the expressway. We have lanes which have been made for them but they are usually vacant. In order to prevent any kind of accident from happening, we have placed two of our Marshalls and also placed a few plastic barriers to regulate the traffic as much as we can.”The fact remains that there is a problem which can cause a big disaster. Necessary measures are being taken by the authorities, but, it is the public also, which needs to follow the rules made for their own safety. Before blaming the authorities,it is time commuters take the onus of their action.


nituscorner December 18, 2008 at 7:24 AM  

well Ashok that was a good read but then most of the time we think we are street hawks lol....so who really cares for the traffic rules.I have even heard of some of our macho street hawks calling his friend a sissy because he was trying to obey rules and very proudly exclaimed that rules are meant to be broken.I can only pray for his broken jaws...God forbid.

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