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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It’s different

Unlike other parts of city, service lane in B-1 Janakpuri provides a rare visual relief
For the first time in Delhi, a service lane is not just about overflowing sewer and garbage. In B-1 Block of Janakpuri, a service lane has been converted into a green lane, by the residents. Here, it is more about greenery and cleanliness.The lane behind house numbers B-1/455 to B-1/471, has seen this transformation due to the efforts of the residents. Interestingly, residents here used all kind of scrap material for developing this green lane, which they call as Rock Garden. Says, Shanta Ahluwalia, a resident of B-1/471, "I am quite happy to see the beautiful back lane of my house. Thanks to the efforts of the residents of our lane, that the back lanes are much better than the front lanes."People normally throw the used and old bathroom fittings. But residents here, with their creative skills, have worked out a different solution for them. They have used old bathroom fittings as houses for small plants and shrubs. Small fountains too add to the beauty of this garden. Vinay Bali, a resident of B-1/459, says, "Combined efforts can do wonders. Our lane has won The Green Lane Award twice, which is given by the Delhi Government."


magiceye December 18, 2008 at 10:32 AM  

they attempted to have these type of huge pots in mumbai but had to give up due paucity of space!!

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