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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Resolve them in 2009

It’s that time of the year when commitments comes from within to set right individual mistakes and shortcomings – towards changes that are generally interpreted as advantageous. We call it ’New Year’s Resolution’—the name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year Day and remain until fulfilled or abandoned. However, a pragmatic look reveals that those resolutions are rarely maintained in the long run. A day or maximum of a month, not many resolutions find their place for more than this. At a time, when the serious kind of resolutions are soon lost and forgotten, there are some that can be amusing yet one don’t have to take pains to remember them. Says Apoorva Jain, BSc. (Applied Sciences) student from Hansraj College, "I have realised that resolutions cannot be strictly adhered to. So, I have resolved that I will help break the resolutions of all my friends, who have set any. This is fun, but something that needs no strictness can be achieved easily." Siddhant Jain and Shobhit Baijal, residents of Model Town-II, have brought out their fun quotients in New Year resolutions. Shobhit is all set to break rules this year, before they are even formed! And Siddhant’s resolution has already found a place in his room quite early that reads, ’I hope to be able to make people think happy thoughts when they think of me’. Likewise, first year BCom(H) student Ritika Gupta from SGTB Khalsa College says she resolved to attend all lectures at her college, which have everything to do apart from studies. No matter how successful one has been in following resolutions in previous year, one makes fresh resolutions for the next year with determination. To materialise the things thought of may be difficult, still some people manage to do so. New Year resolutions offer a sense of direction to people to lead the coming year. With crossed fingers, let’s wish to maintain our resolutions, just like these young North Delhiites.


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