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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We want more!

West Delhiites believe that though there have been several improvements in public transport system, still more needs to be done.
Low Floor Buses alone are not enough-Not up to the mark
There is an improvement in public transport system in West Delhi after the introduction of new fleet of buses by DTC but this improvement is not up to the scratch. The new low floor buses, though big in size and really very nice looking but I feel they are not that spacious. One cannot feel comfortable while standing in it. Also, as soon as these buses were introduced, many of the ’original’ DTC buses were removed from service, thus keeping the number of buses same as it was.

More buses are required
There is not much improvement in the public transport system. The traffic condition is the same all day and night. The crowd in the buses is the same. Though new fleet of buses have been introduced, but still, there are people on roads, who don’t get a single bus to reach their destinations. The less we talk about blue line buses the better it is. They have broken glasses, broken rickety seats and, sometimes, even no seats. We need good and well-maintained buses and better services to improve our West Delhi.


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